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1. June 25 thru July 7
2. July 9 thru July 21


Tuition Information

Tuition for Session 1 or 2: $2990

There is a $200 discount for each additional session

There is a $100 sibling discount for second child

$500 deposit per session

Tuition includes room & board, on campus activities, local off campus trips (i.e. bowling, movies, etc.) laundry, evening & bedtime snacks, etc. 

'Between Session Stayover' for Campers Staying 2 Sessions

I will be staying for the 'Between Session Stayover'
I will not be staying for the "Between Session Stayover"

The 'Between Session Stayover' between Sessions 1 & 2 is $195.  


$500 deposit per session required. Completely refundable before February 1. Thereafter deposit refundable less $300 administrative fee. Full payment is due by May 15. All applications received after May 15 must be accompanied by full payment. ONLY FULL PAYMENT WILL GUARANTEE A PLACE IN THE CAMP. Camp credit only for cancellations within 30 days of scheduled first day. Camp credit only at the discretion of Joel Ross Tennis Camp.

The applicant will provide proof of recent medical exam and has permission to participate in this program.

In case of emergency, I grant permission for my child to be given medical treatment as prescribed by a physician or hospital. I agree to hold Joel Ross Tennis Enterprises, Inc. dba Joel Ross Tennis Camp and Joel Ross personally, harmless from any liability, loss, or personal expense arising out of this camp. I also give permission for the use of any photos or video taken at camp for publicity purposes. I have read and agree to abide by the above.

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*$500 deposit per session required*

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Joel Ross Tennis Camp does not share any information provided to us with any other individuals or companies. Information you provide is not given or sold to any individuals or companies.

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"Between Session Stayover " campers have the option to either go home or participate in supervised, fun-filled weekend activities. The weekend schedule will include a Friday evening off-campus outing and an all-day trip on Saturday to Lake Compounce Amusement Park. There is an additional charge of $195 for the "Between Session Stayover" between Sessions 1 & 2 which includes all meals, entrance fees, and laundry.

Additional optional costs which are paid before camp begins are bus to & from camp, pre-ordered store items and linen rental.


Please note: Drugs, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes are strictly forbidden and constitute, along with general misconduct, grounds for immediate dismissal from camp without refund or credit.

Upon receipt of the application each camper will receive a full information packet including medical and personal information forms, camp bus form, roommate request form, clothing/supplies list, travel information and directions, camp store order form, and "between session" stayover form.